Hi, I am new to your website and I’m still confuse how to see the information and details about the paranormal? I am especially interested in reading your research.

Hello, thank you so much for visiting our website because of your interest in the paranormal and our research. The facts and information about these things are separated with our research. Since our study is kind of long, we created a different section for it which is named ‘research’. The facts and information are combined together, some are long and some are short. We hope our organization is helpful in your own study, including our website.

I saw that you have a forum here, is anyone free to post and ask questions there or do we have to create an account like in other websites?

Yes, we do have a forum where people can interact with one another. You don’t have to create an account. You can post anything and anybody can respond to your questions. If you do not have an account, just indicate your name, otherwise, your post will appear as anonymous. It’s your choice if you want to use your real name or not so you can remain anonymous. We hope you will post a lot and feel free to share your thoughts. After all, we share the same interests here anyway.

I actually feel a lot of weird things happening in our new place so I want to seek help. I found you site and saw that we can ask for your help, how can I contact you?

Hi, thank you for thinking about getting help from us. You can contact us through our emails on the contact section. If you send us a message, we’ll immediately respond so don’t hesitate to message us anytime. We would also like to get your information after that and meet you personally for more details.